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    Namuliro, Lwabenge, Kalungu, Central Uganda

ABOUT Hikma Community Development Initiative - HICODIV

Lets Regain Hope of Communities

HIKMA Community Development Initiative LTD, was founded in 2020 as A Community Based Organization, registered as A Non-Governmental Organization under section 18(3) of the Companies Act 2012 to Educate, empower, involve and serve inadequately served communities (ISCs) in Uganda in order to address issues of muslim education and gender equality, Economic Empowerment and Poverty alleviation and all human sufferings.:

We do this through mobilization of resources for execution of various activities for them. We also do structural development for schools in support of the orphans. The Directors have great passion and zeal to support mankind through spiritual development that is backed up by provision of water sources, construction of mosques, supply of food packs to the needy and education for the orphans.

HICODIV operates and implements its activities in Lwabenge - Kalungu in Central Uganda with possibilities of widening the scope to Northern and western regions in Uganda and across the border with Kenya and Southern Sudan


To Empower Communities to Success

Hikma Community Development Initiative - HICODIV is here to empower communities towards economic development, improve social status and promote Education among the natives and netizens of Lwabenge in Kalungu Sub County. Some of our main activities include;


Coffee Seedlings Distributed


Families Touched


Years of Great Services

GRANTs Well Spent

100% Compliant

HICODIV is 100% compliant to the Donor Policies. This is because we ensure the objectives of the Donor that are towards to ensuring proper utilization of their resources and HIKMA's objective of promoting Community development are met. We utilize these Grants to conduct various activities withing our mandate. Some of them include;

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Hikma Community Development Initiative - HICODIV is mobilizing resources for the following activities.